Practice Literacy Skills With Engaging Games and Activities!

Language arts games that focus on growing phonemic awareness skills

Phonemic Awareness

Creative games that teach students how to differentiate, identify, blend and segment sounds!

Language arts games that focus on growing systematic phonics skills

Systematic Phonics

A wide variety of active games, card games and speed games that help your students master phonograms!

Language arts games that focus on growing reading fluency skills


Over fifty uniquely designed games that target reading, spelling and writing fluency!

Language arts games that focus on growing spelling skills


Over eight chapters of spelling games have been thoughtfully put together to transform spelling practice from a chore into a fun activity!

Language arts games that focus on growing vocabulary and reading comprehension skills

Comprehension and Vocabulary

Dozens of fun games that target comprehension and critical thinking skills while expanding students' vocabularies!

Create a Game-Based Environment Where Students' Literacy Skills Are Built and Reinforced

Explore Games and Game Templates

"The game book is a great way to change up the lessons and reinforce the concepts in a play like way. My son doesn’t even know he’s learning, just that he’s having fun."

Logic of English Game Book and Expansion Pack used in conjunction with Core Materials based on the Science of Reading to enhance your student's language arts skills.

Strengthen Your Teaching by Adding Fun, Educational Games to Any ELA Curriculum!

Whether you're teaching Foundations, Essentials, Sounding Out The Sight Words, Rhythm of Handwriting or another Orton-Gillingham curriculum, the Logic of English Game Book Set contains 300+ fun, age-appropriate games that are adaptable to any curriculum! This set is designed to help students build and reinforce vital literacy skills.
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